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Young People and Sexual Exploitation: 'It's Not Hidden, You Just Aren't Looking': Hard to Reach and Hard to Hear (07th of September 2009)
by Jenny J. Pearce
Publisher: Routledge, Paperback 192 Pages
ISBN-10: 0415407168    ISBN-13: 9780415407168
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Art in the Age of Emergence (2nd Edition) (1st of January 2017)
by Michael J. Pearce
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Paperback 190 Pages
ISBN-10: 144381685X    ISBN-13: 9781443816854
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Dear Mrs Bird Signed Copies (Signed Editions) (05th of April 2018)
by a J Pearce
Publisher: Macmillan, Hardcover
ISBN-10: 1472624637    ISBN-13: 9781472624635
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Fight for the Fjords: The Battle for Norway 1940 (30th of April 2012)
by M J Pearce, R Porter
Publisher: University of Plymouth Press, Hardcover 408 Pages
ISBN-10: 1841023051    ISBN-13: 9781841023052
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Critical Perspectives on Child Sexual Exploitation and Related Trafficking (06th of September 2013)
by M. Melrose, J. Pearce
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Paperback 212 Pages
ISBN-10: 1137294086    ISBN-13: 9781137294081
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Kitsch & Beauty: The Proceedings of The Representational Art Conference 2014 (24th of December 2014)
by selected conference presentors
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Paperback 272 Pages
ISBN-10: 1505690560    ISBN-13: 9781505690569
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Artists in the City 2018: SPACE in '68 and beyond (1st of March 2018)
by Mel Dodd, Larne Abse Gogarty, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Robert Kudielka, Courtney J. Martin, Alicia Miller, David Morris, Neil Mulholland, Naomi Pearce
Publisher: space, Paperback 288 Pages
ISBN-10: 199992780X    ISBN-13: 9781999927806
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Rosie Goes to Church: A Children's Guide to the Church (21th of June 2001)
by Kathleen Pearce
Publisher: Don Bosco Publications, Hardcover 48 Pages
ISBN-10: 0953899136    ISBN-13: 9780953899135
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Cornish Wrecking, 1700-1860: Reality and Popular Myth (16th of September 2010)
by Cathryn J. Pearce
Publisher: Boydell Press, Hardcover 278 Pages
ISBN-10: 184383555X    ISBN-13: 9781843835554
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Life, Death and Psychical Research: Studies on Behalf of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies (06th of August 1973)
by J.D. Pearce, Stanley Whitby Higgens
Publisher: Rider, Hardcover 272 Pages
ISBN-10: 0091158109    ISBN-13: 9780091158101
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